World Hosting Days

The WHD.global is a seven-day festival about digital technology taking place at Germany’s largest theme park Europa-Park with more than 6,500 attendees. mesh:ine provided the event app with a interest matching feature, news feed and proximity features for exhibitors combining mesh:ine’s tech stack and iBeacons.

App description:
Get inspired, make more connections, and do more business with the WorldHostingDays App. This indispensable app allows you to connect to any attendee or exhibitor at all WHD event right from your smartphone or tablet. It’s one of the best ways to meet the right people and make an impact on your business and career. Use it now, use it at WHD.global, and use it at all WHD events going forward. It is all about how to get in touch and stay in touch.

Post and receive news about the event. You can distinguish between All news and news Nearby. Nearby uses Bluetooth LE to retrieve only posts of users and exhibitors in your immediate surrounding. On top of your feed are sponsored posts by exhibitors.

The app uses Bluetooth LE for advanced proximity services. You can see users and exhibitors around you in a list and click on their public profile to learn more about them.

You can choose 10 out of more than 100 interests under the menu Interests. Your interest settings are kept confidential, only if a user nearby has a mutual interest, you will get a notification and see this match in your Neighbour List. Interest settings can me changed at any time.

In the menu under Contacts you can exchange and save digital business cards with attendees and exhibitors if you scan the barcode on their respective conference badge.

IMPORTANT: To be able to use the advanced proximity features – interest matching, neighbour list and news nearby – you must enable “location-based services” in the app settings.