Connectivity Solutions

Connectivity Solutions

mesh:ine provides connectivity solutions for different scenarios and world regions. Solutions range from communication apps, which work independent of internet/cellular reception or contracts such as the app Hood. Other approaches are the forwarding of internet signals and local content servers where we collaborate with partners.

App description:

Hood is the new way to say GOODBYE to weak signals, expensive data plan costs and loneliness. Find people with the same interests close to you and simply start chatting – without INTERNET OR WI-FI.

▶ Chat everywhere, anytime ◀

• Hood app is the first app in the market designed for communicating OFFLINE ONLY.
• Hood app is powered by a decentralized, independent mesh network.
• No cellular or wireless connection is needed to start chatting – Hood will do all the magic on its own.
• Lost your friend in the crowd and wi-fi just won’t connect? No problem. Mesh network functions with no crash in any surroundings. It will not fail you.
• Hood’s offline network outreach extends up to 100 m.

▶ Find New Friends, Loves and Soulmates ◀

• Choose one of customized, hand-drawn avatars which best reflects your identity! Subculture people, we have goth, punk, emo pictures for you!
• Make your profile stand out by setting your interests.
• Choose 10 interests, find people who are just like you and BE FOUND by them.
• List of interests features all the important things in life – from work/business to hobbies and fun.

▶ Enjoy Private, Safe Communication ◀

• Hood will never ask for your personal data because we DO CARE about your privacy.
• What happens in Hood stays in Hood – app does not store your chat logs on intermediary servers.
• No group chats envisaged – you only communicate with the people whom you like!

◆ Download the app to expand your circle of friends and have happy time exploiting a novel, independent and smart way to communicate! ◆