Bayer Foundation Dialogue Day

For the Bayer Foundation dialogue Day & Hansen Award in 2017 mesh:ine developed an app for helping the participants Bayer Foundation fellows, alumni’s and experts to find and connect with each other based on an interest matching feature.

App description:
This is your app for the Bayer Foundation Dialogue Day taking place May 15, 2017 in Berlin. Make connections with other participants, find your right match and get inspired by what other participants post about the event.

Post and receive news about the event. You can upload photos, text or both. The News Feed keeps you up-to-date what other participants think and do.

You can choose 10 out of 53 interests under the menu Interests. This features is about finding other participants you share interests with. Interest settings can be changed at any time.

Interest matching uses Bluetooth to recognize users nearby who have a mutal interest with you. If your Bluetooth is switched on you will see a list of participants unter Matches and the interest you have in common is visualized in green. You can use this as an entry point for a face-to-face conversation.

To enable Bluetooth go to Settings and enable location-based services.