Advanced event app

Customized Event Apps

mesh:ine develops advanced event apps customized for your needs. We makeuse of our peer-to-peer and multi-hop mesh technology to create a unique user experience between visitors, exhibitors and organizers. If you want to stick out with your app solution and create additional business value then we are your partner.

Local News Feed
Users engage & interact

At the core of the event app is a user-generated News Feed with a unique location-based delivery and network independency (cellular or Wi-Fi). Users can post text or visual content, which will be sent and displayed to neighbours nearby. This meets the demand of crowd events for geographical relevance and proximity services.

Feature Tool Box
Customized feature set

Severeal features can be added and customized such as individual profile pages, entrance ticket barcode scanner, interactive games, heat maps and ratings. In relation to peer-to-peer services, features can include digital business card exchange, messaging and file sharing.

Proximity Features
Via iBeacons and smartphones

meshine’s unique technology enables advanced proximity features, which includes interest-matching among users. iBeacons are used to create offers attached to specific areas such as booth or bars. The content is displayed as a sponsored post in the News Feed and can be activated through an extra menu point in the app.

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