Advanced Event apps

mesh:ine develops event apps customized to your needs. We use our peer-to-peer technology and iBeacons to create an exceptional user experience. A real-time News Feed engages visitors in communication. A unique matching feature makes intros based on proximity and mutual interests. iBeacons help to provide offers attached to areas.

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Connectivity Solutions

mesh:ine provides connectivity to the unconnected. Many people in the developing world have limited access to communication services for financial and infrastructural reasons. We from mesh:ine develop peer-to-peer apps to bypass mobile operators and other solutions to forward either content or internet signals.

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Mesh Networks

meshine’s technology connects smartphones directly to one another, independent of any cellular or Wi-Fi network. This results in a peer-to-peer wireless mesh network. Each device acts as a node for the network creating an independent infrastructure. Congested networks during crowd events, such as festivals and conferences, are no longer a problem. This technology enables advanced proximity features and location-based services. mesh:ine works cross-platform (iOS/Android), using different wireless standards such as Bluetooth LE and Wi-Fi.

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About mesh:ine

mesh:ine is a Berlin-based mobile tech start-up. mesh:ine uses mesh networks to deliver off-grid connectivity solutions to individuals and businesses. mesh:ine offers customized advanced event apps and connectivity solutions; enabling peer-to-peer communication and advanced proximity services. mesh:ine has been awarded winner of the Information & Communication Technologies Startup Competition by the Federal Ministry of Economy Affairs. Furhtermore, mesh:ine has received investment and acceleration by Telefónica.

Mission Statement